Snake in the grass
Snake in the grass Dee Davis

Snakes on the move on Fraser Coast

WITH rain forecast in the next few days, a local snake catcher is warning people snakes will be on the move.

A prominent snake catcher for the Wide Bay, Roy McGrath, said snakes know two or three days before it rains and get busy hunting for a feed before the rain.

"The rain washes away the scent trail so snakes are on the move before it rains," Mr McGrath said.

He said there had been more than 90 snakes caught from around properties, schools and other buildings during summer on the Fraser Coast so far.


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One of the most recent jobs was a scare from an elderly lady at Toogoom.

While it ended up being a green tree snake, Mr McGrath takes every call with priority.

"A snake is a snake to most people," Roy said.

Mr McGrath said with 26 different snake species in our region, every snake was treated as venomous.

He highlighted the residents to make sure they're up to date with their current first aid for snake bites.

"There has been 279 snakes bites in Queensland this summer," he said.

"When a snake bites you it's only a tap and you don't know you've been bitten, apart from the Red Belly Black."