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Snakey surprise: kind stranger relocates water tank visitor

A BRANYAN woman got a shock when she opened her water tank to this artfully arranged reptile.

"I quite quickly shut (the lid) and stood there going, 'I wonder if there is more than one snake?' He just seemed to go forever," Anita Lane said.

Not being a huge fan of snakes, she called her son and daughter to help take this photo, and posted on Facebook to see if anyone could help her remove it.

Several people identified it as a keelback, although Bundaberg Snake Catcher operator David Flack identified it as a green tree snake. 

"This is not a keelback," Mr Flack said. "It is a common tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus) and is a harmless non-venomous species. There is no reason to have it removed if it is outside as it will move off on its own."

But Anita took up the offer of Nick Lawrence, who arrived and relocated the snake "very professionally", Ms Lane said.

Listen to her account of the experience here.