Scenes of Crime officer brushes for prints after a break-in in Rockhampton overnight.
Scenes of Crime officer brushes for prints after a break-in in Rockhampton overnight.

Sneaky crim breaks into retired Rocky cop's home

WHEN Rockhampton's Scenes of Crimes boss Senior Sergeant Michael Powell hung up the fingerprinting brush three weeks ago, he would have been forgiven for thinking his days solving crimes were done.

But, Mr Powell found himself back with his former colleagues as they brushed for prints at his home after a break-in at his Park Avenue home.

An early morning intruder unlocked the side gate and entered the garage at his family house.

Senior Sergeant Michael Powell, OIC of Scenes of Crime Unit in Rockhampton, looks at a photo of the drug ice, which was recovered from a scene in Mt Morgan last weekend.
Rachael Conaghan/ The Morning Bulletin
Senior Sergeant Michael Powell before he retired Rachael Conaghan

The former policeman said the noise of the gate being opened luckily alerted family members, and the offender was disturbed in the garage area of the residence and fled from the scene when confronted.

He said it wasn't an isolated incident, with residents in area having reported similar break-in attempts recently.

Mr Powell insists that vigilance is key.

"I informed neighbours this morning about what happened. Knowing that it is happening and to keep an eye out for you and your neighbours properties," he said.

The region has recorded a spike in unlawful entries of late, with 184 in January 2018 compared to 168 in December 2017.

January 2017 also recorded the highest unlawful entries for last year, at 187.

QPS encourage everyone to ensure their homes are locked and secured at all times with any valuables our of sight from windows to deter opportunistic offences.