Council staff goes on Wild Goose Chase

SOMETIMES there are gems of comic gold hiding in the dry pages of a council report.

On Tuesday, the first item on the agenda for Clarence Valley Council's environment, planning and community committee was a development application for a carport at 7 Wild Goose Chase in Woombah.

That was funny enough in itself, but the joke became more pointed when the committee learned a development application, supposedly submitted by a builder and approved eight years ago, could not be found.

Director of environment, planning and community Des Schroder said staff had searched for the document without success.

The current owners of the property had enclosed their garage and built a carport, work which required a development application.

Council staff recommended refusing the DA and having the structure demolished but this did not meet with the approval of some councillors.

Deputy Mayor Andrew Baker and councillor Sue Hughes said the owners made an honest mistake and the council should cut them some slack. The vote went 3-2 their way.