Fake TV crew scams free motel rooms, meals

SOUTHERN Queensland Country Tourism chief executive officer Mary-Clare Power has warned industry professionals not to take people at face value and to ask for identification after reports that girls are travelling in the region claiming they are from the Creek to Coast television program.

Ms Power said she had a call on Friday afternoon from producers of the television show, TDP Media, giving her a "heads up" about what the girls were claiming and that they were not undertaking work on their behalf.

The girls were allegedly claiming to be developing scripts for the show and asking those in the tourism industry to provide accommodation and meals.

Ms Power said the alleged conduct of the girls was an overall warning to the industry not to take people at face value and not to give them what they ask for free.


"Unless someone has given us (Southern Queensland Country Tourism) a heads up, ask to see some identification," she said.

Ms Power said the whereabouts of the girls was unknown.

"We don't know who they are, no ages, just that they've been travelling around and asking (for free accommodation and meals)."

She said if any management or businesses were in doubt, ring and ask.

  • If you have any doubts, please contact either TPD Media on 07 3511 3400 or Southern Queensland Country Tourism on 07 4632 1988.