Sparky, nurse and cop: That’s who you want running the place

A SEASONED nurse taking on the region's top health job.

A traffic cop championing road safety and upgrades to a notorious highway he spent years patrolling.

A sparky fighting for fair power prices.

In world where leaders are criticised for being aloof and out of touch, that's who you want running the place.

Debbie Carroll has a tough road ahead of her.

In a post-Pennington world, the new Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service chief may never fully escape her predecessor's legacy.

Her unmatched clinical experience and genuine understanding of the on-the-ground struggles of our health workers, however, mean she won't let it overshadow her.

Who better to lead a health service than someone who has dedicated her life since 1981 to caring for patients?

Similarly, who better to fight for the Bruce Highway than a man who has seen its devastating potential?

Llew O'Brien's harrowing story pushes thoughts of leadership spills and party defections out of mind.

Here is a man who can speak from shattering personal experience and say "something needs to be done".

The same can be said for Keith Pitt.

Sparky by trade, Minister for Resources by determination, Mr Pitt's calls for inquiries into nuclear power and electricty price certainty are grounded in the real world.

How many nurses, cops and tradies desperately wish the people making the decision truly understood the challenges they faced every day?

Politics aside, this region is fortunate to have leaders who get it.