Special integrity auditor could oversee greyhound racing

OUTRAGE over widespread animal abuse has triggered a proposal to create a special integrity auditor to oversee the state's greyhound racing industry.

A special commission of inquiry has been established to determine what measures should be taken to restructure the industry.

The inquiry has released an issue paper suggesting Greyhound Racing NSW be split into two bodies - one to cover the industry's commercial interests and another for regulation.

The Grafton Greyhound Racing Club was among 1000 parties that made a submission to the inquiry.

The club supported drug testing despite only a small number of dogs recording positive readings, saying about half of all winners were currently swabbed.

"We believe this testing is necessary not only to ensure punters that bet on our product can do so with confidence, but it also takes into account the welfare of the racing greyhound," the club wrote.

It also called for structured breeding limits to be introduced in the coming years, even though single litters could number 10 pups and caps would be hard to police.

Special Commissioner Michael McHugh asked whether the industry should do more to contribute to the towns and communities it operates in.

Further submissions to the issues paper have closed and will be released in the coming weeks.