SPILL AFTERMATH: Where Pitt stands after leadership shake-up

12.40PM: A spokeswoman from Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien's office has issued a statement after he moved a motion on Tuesday for a leadership spill.

The motion ultimately resulted in leader Michael McCormack being returned to the position.

"Mr O'Brien did not provide commentary in the lead up to the Party Room Meeting, and will not be providing commentary afterwards," the spokeswoman said.

"Mr O'Brien did not provide commentary in the lead up to the Party Room Meeting, and will not be providing commentary afterwards."

12.35PM: Keith Pitt has declined to share who he voted for during the closed Nationals Party meeting on Tuesday morning.

12.30PM: Speculation abounds as Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack looks to fill two Cabinet spaces.

David Chester and HInkler MP Keith Pitt could be elevated, according to media reports.

The positions became available  after Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie has resigned from federal cabinet over her role in the "sports rorts" saga and earlier this week Resources Minister Matt Canavan announced he had tendered his resignation from the ministry and would vote for Mr Joyce as leader to set a new direction for the party. 

11.30AM: Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt has spoken out after the leadership contest in Canberra this morning.

"A ballot was held this morning and I congratulate Michael McCormack who remains as Nationals Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister.

"I also congratulate David Littleproud on his promotion to Deputy Leader of the Nationals.

"It was a privilege to stand and be considered for the Deputy Leader position and I thank my colleagues for their support.

"My focus has always been on my constituents and the Australian people, first and foremost. Not what is happening in the Canberra 'bubble'.

"We have regions about to begin the recovery process from devastating bushfires, many others still in drought, and the coronavirus outbreak all of which remain our priority." 

EARLIER: Michael McCormack will remain leader of the Nationals after he emerged victorious after the party room ballot, surviving a challenge from Barnaby Joyce.

On Tuesday after the vote, the Nationals leader said he did not expect Mr Joyce would challenge for the party's leadership again and hoped the pair would "move on and work hard together".

"The fact is, I shook hands with Barnaby. We will move on," Mr McCormack said.

Nationals whip Damian Drum announced the result but would not reveal the numbers each candidate received, in line with party protocols.

Several sources from within the party room suggested the final result was 11 votes to 10, just falling Mr McCormack's way.

However, Mr McCormack's supporters suggested his vote was as high as 14 votes.