Sports stars are subject to law too

I DON'T care if you are the President of the United States, a football player earning hundreds of thousands of dollars or a typical person walking the streets.

You should not be above the law.

That was made perfectly clear in Maryborough Magistrates Court on Tuesday when Magistrate John Smith issued a warrant for the arrest of Gold Coast Titans recruit Maurice Blair after he failed to appear in court.

Mr Blair was arrested in Maryborough on New Year's Eve and was charged with consuming liquor on a road and obstructing police and those charges were due to be heard.

The lawyer appearing on his behalf, Travis George, acting as agent for Moloney MacCallum Lawyers, asked for the case to be transferred to the Gold Coast and for Mr Blair's appearance in court to be excused.

Mr Smith refused and a warrant was issued for Mr Blair's arrest.

Then, according to a report from, Moloney MacCallum co-principal Campbell MacCallum said he was "disappointed" by the magistrate's decision.

Why is Mr Blair above appearing in court when, if you or I were charged with an offence, it would be expected that we would be there?

Mr George told the court Mr Blair was at his "place of employment".

Maybe Mr Blair thinks attending training with the Titans is more important than the average person having to miss a day of work, and possibly part of their pay cheque, for a court appearance.

Maybe it was too much of an inconvenience for him.

I am glad Mr Smith reminded him that he is no more above the law than anyone else.