STABILITY and opportunity are the main drivers behind Michael Gay's decision to stay on as Bay Power coach for another season.

Gay has been at the helm for the last three years, and the club's first grand final appearance has renewed interest at the Power.

"There's an aura of excitement around the place," Gay said. "There's talk of a few guys who haven't played for a few years coming back."

A nightmarish first quarter against Across The Waves spoiled the Power's grand final fairytale but Gay said his side would learn from the experience.

Recently retained Bay Power coach Michael Gay.
Recently retained Bay Power coach Michael Gay. Matthew McInerney

He said the Power's rise from cellar dweller to contender would not add more pressure to he or the players, but instead generated more excitement.

"I think it's more excitement than pressure. There's a lot of the playing group that's been together for a few years has got that strong hunger in their bellies," Gay said.

"We made that first step. Winning our first final and playing a grand final was pretty good for those guys.

"That drives me and a lot of those guys who have a real fire in their belly now to go that extra step."

The Power resume preseason training at Breathe Health Club on Thursday night, with ballwork at the club's Urangan base on Tuesdays.