A customer who threatened to kill a pharmacist and his family fronted the Caloundra Magistrates Court.
A customer who threatened to kill a pharmacist and his family fronted the Caloundra Magistrates Court. KTM_2016

Stalker threatens to 'blow pharmacist's brains out'

A PHARMACIST feared for his and his family's lives when a customer threatened to "blow his brains out" over a prescription dispute.

Scott Jason Rowntree described his own words as "very evil" as he pleaded guilty today in the Caloundra Magistrates Court to unlawful stalking using threats of violence.

The court heard Rowntree was first aggressive towards the Currimundi Marketplace Terry White employee in May last year.

The pharmacist raised an issue regarding medication, which he suggested Rowntree "pass on" to his doctor.

On Christmas Eve, Rowntree returned and specifically asked to speak with the man, who "reluctantly" agreed to a private conversation.

The court heard the defendant required the pain-relief drug tramadol every few days, and the pharmacist again suggested Rowntree review aspects of his plan with his GP.

In a "calm, but aggressive tone" Rowntree replied, "You are full of shit, I said that it is fine, you will have to agree to disagree", and asked for his scripts back.

As the pharmacist returned the paperwork, Rowntree said, "If I ever see you out in public I will get a shotgun and blow your brains out".

"I am going to find out where your family lives and kill them all," Rowntree shouted at the man, before a customer told him to calm down.

Rowntree then directed his aggression at the man, who he pushed as he left the store.

The pharmacist called the police in fear the defendant would act on his threats.

Police found an "aggressive" Rowntree in the surrounding area and transported him to the watchhouse, where he admitted to acting in a manner that would cause the victim to be fearful.

Rowntree represented himself today, and explained he had a number of medical issues and was awaiting back, knee and two shoulder surgeries.

"I was supposed to be in hospital today for surgery, but I put it off to deal with this," Rowntree told the court.

The defendant said he would "gladly apologise" to his victim, but he had been legally ordered not to make any contact.

Rowntree was fined $1000, and warned the charge could have easily resulted in a suspended prison sentence.