An official
An official "do not swim" directive has been issued regarding the Cid Harbour area.

State Government issues 'no swim' directive for Cid Harbour

A STERN warning has been issued by the State Government with the directive that nobody enter the water in the Cid Harbour area in the Whitsundays.

It comes after a man was mauled to death by shark at the site on Monday afternoon, just seven weeks after a 46-year-old Tasmanian woman and a 12-year-old Victorian girl were previously attacked.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones said after speaking with the mayor of the Whitsunday area and the local tourism body, all agree that "under no circumstances" should people swim at Cid Harbour.

This message was mirrored by Fisheries Minister Mark Furner.

"We can't be clearer - don't swim in Cid Harbour," Mr Furner said.

"Drumlines or not, no one should swim in Cid Harbour."

As a result of yesterdays attack, temporary signs will be installed re-enforcing the message that people should not swim in the area. In coming weeks these will be replaced with more permanent warnings.

Ms Jones said neither the mayor, Andrew Willcox, marine authorities nor local tourism operators want to see drumlines redeployed.

"They want [a] re-enforced message and that's what we are doing. Water police are on the harbour re-enforcing that message again today," she said.

"As well as new signs we will also work on other ways of getting the message to tourists and boaties."