EASING THE LOAD: Jack and Amy Conroy from Woodford are offering up their full water tank to a farmer in need in Stanthorpe.
EASING THE LOAD: Jack and Amy Conroy from Woodford are offering up their full water tank to a farmer in need in Stanthorpe. Contributed

State in drought: Man gives away 10,000L of water

ONE man's loss is another man's gain. But what if the one on the lucky end wanted to flip that concept on its head?

Well that's exactly what Jack Conroy is proposing.

Four hours from the Southern Downs, in beautiful Woodford, Mr Conroy can look out on green pastures each day.

Up in the small town on the outskirts of the Sunshine Coast, they've been blessed with more than 700mm of rain so far in 2019.

And Jack wants to give it back.

"Having a rural background from family and also being in the Southern Downs corridor a bit with work, I know we have a tank of water at home that does not get used to its full potential and is overflowing with water," he said.

"I want to give back to the rural community who are basically my family."

Mr Conroy, who works in the water tank industry, has offered up 10,000 litres of water free of charge to anyone on the Southern Downs who wants it.

You'll have to pick it up yourself, and it doesn't come with the tank, but Mr Conroy said it was the least he could do.

"It's not much but may go a long way. I would prefer it to be split over two families."

His offer went up on social media on Stanthorpe Buy, Swap and Sell and has garnered plenty of interest. But nobody has taken up his offer as yet.

"We have not had anyone bite yet and organise a day to come up. We understand the travel but we are here and ready for them.

"Unless we help our farmers, station owners and their families there is no produce to be sourced locally.

"I guess I want to know that a child, a mother, a hard working dad or person can actually have a proper shower, bath and feel like they're not alone in this," he said.

He says people are aware of the drought plight, but aren't doing enough to support those struggling.

"We are aware of what's going on but I think people just forget. Its all sad on mainstream media for five minutes but until people get out of their narrow ways and get out and visit the Southern Downs they wont know how bad it is.

"I don't want to sound like we live a dream but pasture in our area is very well watered. We hope for this to be more than a one-off offer, but I also cannot guarantee when I may have another load available."

Jack and his wife Amy have also set up a GoFundMe Page to raise more funds to deliver water.

"We are hoping to raise $35,000. This should get 100 families, 12,000 litres of water.

"We just want people to know there is a family out there doing our best to get you an early Christmas present," Mr Conroy said.

Visit gofundme.com/f/ water-cartage-to-the- southern-downs to donate.