Gavel, scales of justice and law books
Gavel, scales of justice and law books

Stealing $15k from parents has surprising happy ending

HOLDING a Gucci bag, Zacherie William Sharman stood in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to fraud.

The court heard he’d stolen almost $15,000 from his parents.

But the terrible tale took a surprising turn when the court heard he’d checked into a local rehab, turned his life around and repaid his debt.

In May last year Mr Sharman moved back in with his parents but they asked him to leave in early October after “seeing a change in his behaviour”.

His mother had her bank account details, including the password, written down at the home.

On October 15 she got a notification from the bank that transfers had been made from her account to Sharman’s.

She went to the bank and changed her passwords and had her security questions reset.

But on November 5 she noticed on her internet banking a number of unauthorised transactions to the total $14,700.

The court heard at the time of the offending Sharman had a serious drug addiction.

Since then, he had enrolled himself in the Bayside Transformation Drug rehabilitation facility and repaid the money he stole from his parents.

The prosecution said his mother was very proud and supportive of her son as he has taken steps to help himself and returned the money.

Sharman’s defence lawyer said the 25-year-old had been a qualified plumber for five years before drugs took over his life.

He has been a resident of Transformations since March this year.

Since joining the program Sharman has repaired his relationship with his parents, describing it as the best it has ever been.

Acting Hervey Bay magistrate Trinity Mcgarvie said she had considered sending the young man to jail but taking into account his steps with the program she was open to wholly suspending the sentence to allow him to continue on his path of rehabilitation.

He was sentenced to four months in jail, wholly suspended for eight months.

A conviction was recorded.