Stick to speed limit in new 60kmh zone or risk being booked

DRIVERS are being warned to keep up to speed with changing limits following a spike in traffic tickets.

A revised speed limit of 60kmh from 80kmh on Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd, near the Urraween Rd intersection, has been catching dozens of motorists off guard in the past few weeks.

Hervey Bay Police Sergeant Paul Byrne said both Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd and Urraween Rd had experienced increased traffic with the opening of St Stephen's Hospital and ongoing development at several nearby housing estates.

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He said both roads would be heavily monitored in coming weeks and warned motorists to be aware of changes.

"When these limits are changed, it's up to police to reinforce them," Sgt Byrne said

"A lot of people think there is a grace period but there is not... from the moment there is a change, drivers can be booked for not sticking to the limit."

Along with increased patrols in the Urraween area, police are continuing to target school zones.

Sgt Byrne said too many drivers were still not getting the message to slow down to 40km and police would be "keeping a close eye" on various schools around the region.