Lloyd Lambert in his younger years.
Lloyd Lambert in his younger years. Contributed

STORY OF: How Maryborough hero helped out in the floods

THE year was 1955.

 In Maryborough, the rain was bucketing down and the desperate residents in The Pocket, enclosed on three sides by the Mary River, were watching on helplessly as floodwaters inundated their homes.

As a member of Rotary, Allen Lloyd Lambert, known all his life as Lloyd, was keen to help out in any way he could, helping to rescue people and pets from the rising water that swept many homes away.

It was a heartbreaking time for the Heritage City, but one that also brought the community together.

Mr Lambert has fond memories of rowing down Adelaide St, assisting shopkeepers in moving possessions to higher ground and delivering food and other provisions to residents who had been cut off by floodwaters.

The proud Maryborough man was born on Valentine's Day in 1919. This week he will celebrate his 100th birthday, surrounded by those he loves.

He was born into a family of printers and bookbinders.

W.S. Lambert and Sons was established in 1865 and printed one of Maryborough's first newspapers, The Tribune.

The paper was shortlived and the family began focussing the business on printing and bookbinding, where demand was growing thanks to a growing population in Maryborough and the surrounding areas.

Alongside his brother and sisters Mr Lambert attended Maryborough Central School and he later attended Maryborough Boys Grammar School, where he had a place on the school honour board for the 200 yard sprint.

Lloyd Lambert with his three siblings.
Lloyd Lambert with his three siblings. Contributed

When he left school he became an apprentice with Walkers Ltd, Maryborough's shipbuilding company, working as a fitter and turner.

He was later promoted to the position of workshop manager.

In his 30s, he came back to the family business where he put his skills with machinery to good use to benefit the family business.

The business continued to grow and Mr Lambert, alongside his brother Theo, moved the business to new premises in Adelaide St where they established a modern printing plant with full colour and commercial printing capabilities known as Lamberts Printing.

Lloyd Lambert's printing business in Adelaide St, Maryborough.
Lloyd Lambert's printing business in Adelaide St, Maryborough. Contributed

The business enjoyed a lot of success in the Maryborough community, but when Theo died, Mr Lambert decided to sell the family business.

It sold in 1983, bringing to a close five generations of Lambert printers in the city.

He loved being part of his community.

In addition to Maryborough North Rotary Club, Mr Lambert was also a member of the Maryborough sailing Club, Apex Club, Doon Villa Bowls Club and many others.

In 1985 Mr Lambert and his wife Irene retired and sold their home in Elizabeth St, moving to Brisbane.

Sadly Irene died a number of years ago and Mr Lambert now resides in a nursing home in Nundah, where he enjoys his weekly dance lessons, bus excursions and days out to Chermside Shopping Centre.

He fondly remembers his days in Maryborough and the many friendships he shared, although sadly there and fewer and fewer "old boys" still around.

There's one secret to a long life, Mr Lambert reckons.

"Stay fit and healthy and surround yourself with a loving family and good friends."

Allen Lloyd Lambert, better known as Lloyd, surrounded by his loving family.
Allen Lloyd Lambert, better known as Lloyd, surrounded by his loving family. Contributed