THE Fraser Coast Chronicle hit the streets to find out how power prices were affecting households across the region.

Faan Jaemsaidee said the last bill she received was over $1000, which was far too much.

Dee Cornford said she was paying about $300 a quarter on her power bill, despite having solar installed at her property more than seven years ago.

"It's ridiculous," she said.

Jenny Pershouse said the bills were stopping her from giving her kids what they needed.

But others like Valerie Maggie said they didn't struggle with the current pricing, saying they only used minimal power.

Their comments come as high power prices continue to affect the region.

Earlier this week, the Chronicle revealed Federal and State Labor appeared to be at odds over power prices, with a massive spike predicted under Federal Labor's renewable energy target.

This is despite State Labor launching a policy aiming to save $50 on the average household bill under an affordable energy plan.


Rachael Hickey: That's ridiculous. We will be going to living without power, using candles and boiling water over a fire.

Jan Morton: No choice in provider. Can't afford solar panels (my usage is not THAT high to justify it). Screwed!

Julie Edwards: I already pay over that amount per year. As do most Queenslanders. I have no choice in my provider and no choice in running water pumps to my house