Strip club protesting MP voted to extend adult permits

THE Queensland MP who railed against a strip club opening in his central Queensland electorate, last year voted to extend adult entertainment permits from one year, to three.

Vaughan Johnson, the member for Gregory, made an impassioned plea to parliament on Thursday to review the legislation surrounding adult entertainment permits and how they are granted.

But in November last year, Mr Vaughan said he supported government legislation which allowed strip club owners to extend their adult entertainment permit's validity "in its entirety"

On Thursday, Mr Vaughan, prompted by the approval of an AEP to The Star Hotel in Emerald, launched into a speech about the sanctity of the female form.

Mr Vaughan said it "made him sick" that The Star had received permission to open a 'Moulin Rouge-inspired strip club', as it went against what he said were the town's strong "moral" and "Christian" values.

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