An aerial view of the car park at Xavier Catholic College.
An aerial view of the car park at Xavier Catholic College. Contributed

Students banned from parking at Bay school

STUDENTS have been banned from parking their cars at Xavier Catholic College, with rapid growth at the school blamed for the lack of available spaces. 

Principal Simon Dash said it had been an unpopular but necessary decision.

"Our student population has grown by an extra 70 this year and 120 over the past three years," he said.

"This means more parents and staff requiring parking facilities.

"We only had 20 parks set aside for students previously and these will be quickly taken up by growing parent and staff demand."

Mr Dash said numerous safety concerns had been raised last year, with some students parking in non-designated areas, blocking visibility for drivers and putting pedestrians in danger.

"We have even explored separate starting and finishing times for the primary and secondary as a way of managing the car park demand," he said.

"However, our bell times are linked to the bus schedule, which cannot be changed."

Mr Dash said last year's seniors were the first group to go through with the intake being June to June, as opposed to the previous calendar year intake.

"This means on average all cohorts will be six months older than before," he said.

"Thus we will have an increase in the number of student drivers.

"We estimate between 50 to 60 at the start of the year, growing by 90 to 100 by the end of the year.

"Hence we have encouraged that they avail themselves of public transport where possible.

"The other reality is that very few schools within Brisbane Catholic Education or any educational sector have the capacity to provide parking facilities to students.

"BCE are aware of the situation and are providing us with advice and assistance.

"However they are limited in what can be done to remedy the situation."

Mr Dash said he had written to the council, but they were currently unable to assist.

He said he was hopeful a longterm solution could be found.