MARYBOROUGH'S streets are about to be overrun by 2500 students.

The students have traveled across the country and around the region to take part in the 15th annual RACQ Technology Challenge.

From 9am today some of the streets of the Heritage City will be closed off including Kent and John Sts and from noon Sussex and Ferry Sts will be closed until Sunday evening. During the event traffic will be routed around the area via Lennox, Walker, Pallas and Alice Sts.

The 1.5km track on the streets will host the signature 24-hour event the Human Powered Vehicle Championships from noon Saturday and will finish noon Sunday.

Event co-ordinator Dean Hazelwood said the average rider pedaled about 30-45 minutes around the circuit depending on their fitness and endurance.

"Each student gets two, if not three cracks at zipping around the course," he said.

The HPVs are made up of teams of 10 riders and they have to design, test and pedal their machines to take out the coveted title.

Other events being held over the weekend for students are the Ergon Energy solar model car and boat championships, CO2 dragsters, robotics challenge and the primary school pushcart championships.

The model car and boats kick off from 10am tomorrow. Students have to use the sun to make their lightweight, aerodynamic machines to race their tracks and eventually be crowed the champion.

Wanting something a little more fast paced?

Then how about the CO2 dragsters? These little jet propelled, handmade race cars can reach speeds of up to 140kmh.

Designed by secondary students, they use soda cylinders to race along a special track. Don't miss them from 9am to 4pm tomorrow.

If robots are more your thing, then head to the Maryborough State High School's gym for the robotic challenge until 4pm.

Students design and build programmable robots which dance, sumo and rescue victims.

And lastly the primary school pushcart championships has a record number of entries this year. Students design, build and showcase their futuristic soapbox derby carts.  

Part of their competition is to disassemble their carts in front of the judges and every piece must fit through a 100mm slot. They also have an obstacle course to do and two relays to compete in.

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