Subaru has capped priced servicing available across its range.
Subaru has capped priced servicing available across its range. Newsdesk Media

Subaru capped price servicing across range

SUBARU has come to the capped-price servicing party.

Following in the tyre tracks of Mazda, it will offer capped maintenance costs for the lifetime of vehicles - not just the warranty period.

Subaru has raised the bar across the industry and set the standard in applying the capped-price servicing program across its entire range, and it also applies to vehicles from model year 2006 onwards.

"This program gives customers peace of mind throughout their ownership," Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior said.

"It's not limited to a few models, it extends way beyond the warranty period and it's available to customers going back to model year 2006.

"Subaru has long been renowned for reliability, durability and retained value, and our capped-price servicing program is clear proof that we have every faith in the long-term integrity of our products."

Mr Senior said the initiative showed Subaru's proactive approach in taking positive customer experiences to a new level.

"This program is designed to give customers transparency around scheduled service costs," he said.

"It means they can make better, informed choices on how they service their Subarus.

"Basically, capped-price servicing sets the maximum price participating Subaru retailers will charge for each standard scheduled service on applicable Subaru vehicles."

He said the lifetime commitment meant customers would always have the comfort of being able to identify the maximum amount that they would pay for their next scheduled service.

Terms and conditions are available at www.subaru, or via Subaru's customer relations department and service centres.

The capped prices will include all items required as part of the standard service, as set out in the maintenance schedule of warranty and service handbooks.