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We live here, we are part of the community.

We lifted the lid on council corruption, exposed builders rorting subcontractors, went into bat for major projects like roads and hospitals for our region and campaigned for long term change.

Under the one umbrella - and for the first time - News Corp Australia, of which this paper is a part of, has used its huge audience and political clout to campaign for swimming lessons for Queensland schools.

More recently, our Back our Subbies campaign prompted the Queensland Government to establish a special taskforce which will examine whether anyone should be held accountable for the misfortune which has hit so many families across Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Picture: AAP
Prime Minister Scott Morrison with the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Picture: AAP

Now, with a federal election just around the corner, this paper and website, plus those of our dozens of sister publications, will provide the most comprehensive coverage of who's offering what.

Who will you trust to lead Australia for the next few years? As importantly, who will you trust to provide you with the information to make an informed choice? We hope it's us.

Local journalism costs money and like any other business, we have been impacted by massive changes from the digital revolution.

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Check out some of the great reward offers via +Rewards page.
Check out some of the great reward offers via +Rewards page.

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