Sunshine Coast mother Gemma Rane who died from pregnancy complications with partner Christopher Baker and son Chayse, now 19 months.
Sunshine Coast mother Gemma Rane who died from pregnancy complications with partner Christopher Baker and son Chayse, now 19 months.

“He was there when she took her last breath"

UPDATE: GEMMA Rane was always determined to be the mother she never had but will be the mother her son hardly knew.

The mother-of-one was heavily pregnant with her second child when her life was cut tragically short by pregnancy complications.

The death of the 31-year-old, who had a common heart condition called atrial fibrillation, is now before the coroner.

The Glass House Mountains community is now rallying behind her partner, Chris Baker, 24, who has been left to raise their son, Chayse, 18 months, on his own.

Mr Baker was too overwhelmed to speak to media this afternoon.

His mother, Kellie, said her son was trying to be brave and hold up for Chayse but was taking the loss of his fiancee and unborn child hard.

"It's just so cruel. This should have been the happiest time of their lives and now my son is having to pick out coffins," Ms Baker said.

"Chayse doesn't understand. He walks around and asks for Mum and every time he does that, poor Chris breaks down again," she said.

Mr Baker called an ambulance and performed CPR on Ms Rane after she stopped breathing in bed in the early hours of April 20.

An emergency caesarean at Caboolture hospital was unable to save their unborn son, Deegan.

Ms Rane was airlifted to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where she never regained consciousness and Mr Baker and her family made the heart-wrenching decision to turn off her life support on Monday.

"He was there when she took her last breath and that was one thing - they were together," Ms Baker said.

The family is concerned that Ms Rane's heart condition was not monitored closely enough during her pregnancy and that a caesarean section booked for May 5 should have been earlier.

Ms Baker said an ultrasound on April 4 showed baby Deegan was four weeks ahead of size and he could have been delivered earlier to minimise the risk to mother and child.

A Metro North Hospital and Health Service spokesman expressed condolences to Ms Rane's family but said he could not comment further because her death now was before the coroner.

Ms Baker's death follows that a Rockhampton mother during an elected caesarian last Monday.

Ms Baker said the news had shaken her daughter-in-law.

"When we heard about the mother in Rockhampton, Gemma was a bit frightened by it. We never in our wildest dreams thought this would happen."

Bec Hennessey, who has known the Rane family for 20 years, said Ms Rane was well known and liked in the Glass House community.

Ms Rane and her sister had been raised by their father after the death of their mother from cancer when she was only three.

"You could not say a bad word about her. She was so vibrant and fun and loving but so gentle at the same time," Ms Hennessy said.

"She lived a really full life before Chayse and as soon as she became a mum, she wanted to be the mum for Chayse she never had."

To raise money to support Mr Baker and Chayse, a gofundme account,, has been set up and a family fun day is being organised at the Glass House Mountains Tavern this Saturday, April 30, from noon.

Ms Hennessy said money could not bring back what Mr Baker had lost but his family and friends wanted to ease the burden on him.

Ms Baker said the support was appreciated.

"We've had wonderful support from everyone and the community getting behind Christopher and Chayse. It seems like words aren't enough at the moment. Everyone means so much by donating what they are. "

Anyone who would like to help with the family fun day should phone Ms Hennessy on 0403 959 080.

Donations of meat for a barbecue are particularly sought after.

EARLIER: NEARLY $10,000 has been raised for the husband and surviving son of a Glasshouse woman who has died along with their second child from pregnancy complications.

A heartbroken Christopher Baker is trying to care for his 18-month-old son after losing his wife Gemma, over the weekend.

She was 38 weeks pregnant with their second child, who also did not survive.

A Gofundme appeal started by a neighbour on their behalf while the mother was fighting for her life in hospital has nearly exceeded the $10,000 target and a new goal of $20,000 has been set.

Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chayse. (Photo: Facebook.)
Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chayse. (Photo: Facebook.)

Mr Baker paid tribute to his "beautiful, loving" partner, after telling of waking up about 4am to her struggling to breathe.

"She stopped breathing and I did CPR until the ambulance arrived and she was taken to Caboolture hospital for an emergency caesarean section.''

News Corp reported that Ms Rane was taken to Caboolture Hospital to try and save their baby but Mr Baker said "he was already gone".

Gemma Louise Rane. (Photo: Facebook)
Gemma Louise Rane. (Photo: Facebook) Janine Hill

The mother was then flown to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital for surgery.

The tragic death is the second pregnancy-related death in Queensland this month and her death has been referred to the Coroner.

First-time mother Amanda Sheppard died at Rockhampton Hospital from a suspected embolism. Her daughter Willa survived, and her death is now being investigated.

Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chase. (Photo: Facebook)
Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chase. (Photo: Facebook) Janine Hill

During Ms Rane's last pregnancy with son Chayse, now 19 months, doctors at the Caboolture antenatal unit took "extreme caution", closely monitoring her health and her baby, Mr Baker said.

However, he aid he felt doctors at the Caboolture Hospital had failed to take the same level of care with this pregnancy, and questioned why a caesarean section was not booked earlier.

Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chayse. (Photo: Facebook)
Gemma Louise Rane with son, Chayse. (Photo: Facebook) Janine Hill

"I just want to make sure no one else has to go through what I have in the last week."

Metro North Hospital Health Service said the family was being offered support.

A fundraiser for the family will be held at the Glass House Mountains Tavern this Saturday afternoon and will include live music, raffles, a jumping castle, and face painting.

Local business operators have jumped on board to offer their support. 

Fundraiser for the family

A photographer has offered a photo shoot to be raffled and a personal trainer will run a workout session at the Glasshouse Sports Club this Friday at 9am in exchange for donations which will go direct to the family.