Wide Bay League, Tinana Football Club vs Bayside Strikers - Nigel Main.
Wide Bay League, Tinana Football Club vs Bayside Strikers - Nigel Main. Blake Antrobus

Superbowl-style final to decide Wide Bay champions

FOOTBALL: Wide Bay Premier League's grand final day will be one of the biggest in years.

The Fraser Coast and Bundaberg grand finals will be played on September 15, before a Superbowl-style bout between the champions of each competition in all competitive age groups, from under-12s to senior men's and women's leagues, in the lead-up to the WBPL decider the following week.

The brainchild of Football Queensland Wide Bay general manager Peter Guest, the games make for a major celebration of football on the final competition day of the year, as well as expand the number of games on WBPL grand final day from two to nine.

"It was raised as an idea at the end of last year and the clubs were keen to make it happen,” Guest said.

"It makes it a bigger day for the grand finals and they were all pretty happy.”

The only division not to have a Wide Bay Championship game is Bundaberg's Division Three men's, as there is no equivalent at the Fraser Coast.

"Everything else should line up, and we tried to make aligned this year for that reason,” Guest said.

The Wide Bay Championships may also lead to more clubs being showcased on the most important day of the year, depending on results.

If the grand finals were to be held today, it would be a battle between two undefeated teams in the Div 2 men's competition, Bayside Strikers and Diggers Bundaberg, and Bayside and Bingera in Div 1 women's.

Neither Bayside or Diggers compete in the Wide Bay Premier League, though the Strikers currently lead the Wide Bay League 2.