Barry Mortimer with model planes.
Barry Mortimer with model planes.

Support workers make staying at home fun

THE coronavirus pandemic has been challenging for many people with intellectual disability but Endeavour Foundation's Tinana support workers have made staying at home fun.

"When the coronavirus restrictions came in and our customers had to stay at home, they were more limited in what they could do and where they could go," said home site supervisor Kirstie Fox.

Endeavour Foundation quickly sprang to action putting together and sending out a 'Big Box of Fun' to each residence it operates so people had a large range of activities to do from home.

"When it arrived, the Big Box of Fun brought a heap of joy with it," Mrs Fox said.

"One of our support workers has really taken on board a customer's like of aeroplanes so he bought balsa wood, looked at model plane designs online and they've made and been flying them together."

For Barry Mortimer, staying at home had its challenges but lots of highlights too.

"The Big Box of Fun - playing the board games, yeah, it was good fun and it had stuff to learn to read and write properly and get the brain operating properly," he said.

"We made model aeroplanes. They go over the fence, in the sky, and on the roof!"

Mrs Fox said the next challenge was getting back to normal life.

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