The number of dog barking complaints is falling. Photo: File.
The number of dog barking complaints is falling. Photo: File.

Surprising statistics on dog barking complaints on the Coast

The number of barking dog complaints received by the Fraser Coast Regional Council is falling, which councillor Paul Truscott puts down to changes in their internal management and investigation systems.

The number of barking dog complaints has fallen from 786 in 2018 to 531 last year.

"I hope the trend continues," Cr Truscott said.

• 2021 - 31 barking dog complaints

• 2020 - 531 barking dog complaints

• 2019 - 672 barking dog complaints

• 2018 - 786 barking dog complaints

Cr Truscott said the statistics indicated the region has a bigger problem with wandering and unregistered dogs.

The number of complaints regarding dogs increased by 1,000 calls a year between 2018 and 2020 (4,010 calls in 2018 to 6,284 calls in 2020).

"The greater bulk of those calls dealt with wandering dogs, unregistered dogs, and the number of animals at a residence," Cr Truscott said.

He urged dog owners to desex, register and microchip their pets.

"To make it easier, first time dog registration on the Fraser Coast is free, no matter the age of the animal," he said.

"If your details with Council are up to date then registered and microchipped dogs can be reunited with their owners very quickly which helps ensure that they don't stay long in the pound and are returned home as quickly as possible if they stray.

"Having your contact number embroidered on their collar or on a tag is also a great idea; that way people finding your furry friend can contact you quickly."

Council has a lot of information on pet ownership available its website.

"There are also maps to the fenced off-leash play areas as well as areas where people and pets can walk together on leash in parks and reserves across the region," he said.

"If you take a pet to an off-leash area you still must have control over the dog; it should be close to you and not just left to wander around."

Cr Truscott also encouraged residents to have a pet plan for the storm and cyclone season.

"We're in the middle of storm season so check your yard to make sure your pooch cannot escape if they are scared in a storm," he said.

"Sometimes it is better to put your dog into the garage, bathroom or laundry during a storm.

"I know you are not always going to be home when a storm hits so it is essential your pooch has a place to feel safe and your yard is secure so they cannot escape."