Cashless Debit Card
Cashless Debit Card FILE

Survey circulating to get recipients' views on cashless card

HINKLER'S Cashless Debit Card recipients have the chance to share what they really think about the welfare trial.

A survey is being circulated by the Queensland Council of Social Service, aimed at finding out if people's views of the card and what life on the card was like.

"The Federal Government introduced Cashless Debit Card compulsory income management to the Hinkler electorate in January, 2019," the introduction to the survey reads.

"Hinkler was chosen partly due to high youth unemployment and because it is a non-remote location."

Under the trial, 80 per cent of funds are placed onto the card with only 20 per cent accessible in cash.

Recipients cannot use the card to purchase alcohol or gambling products.

"Now that the trial has been in operation for over seven months and there are more than 5000 trial participants, we are keen to find out if people's views have changed since our previous survey and what the lived experiences of people on the card re like," the QCOSS statement read.

"The purpose of this survey is to identify the experiences and views of the Hinkler community regarding the Cashless Debit Card trial."

The survey follows on from the one QCOSS carried out between December 2018 and January 2019, prior to the start of the trial.

Participants in that survey expressed strong opposition and concerns for the Cashless Debit Card trial.

More than 100 people responded to the survey, with 75 per cent opposing the Cashless Debit Card trial in Hinkler in its current form.

Card recipients are being asked to fill out the survey before October 14.

The results will be summarised ahead of the closure of the Senate Inquiry submissions on October 18.