Current bunch of Aussie cricketers are an outright joke

OPINION: When I heard four Australian cricketers had been suspended from a Test match, my first thought was that they must have done something pretty bad to deserve that.

Did they stumble out of an Indian nightclub at 4am?

Test positive to performance-enhancing drugs?

Did they tell a tabloid newspaper their true feelings about the pathetic rotation system?

Nope - none of the above.

Apparently all they did was forget to hand in their homework.

Instead of getting each man to focus on his own personal performance and perhaps train extra hard after two dismal showings in the Test match series against India, Australian coach Mickey Arthur decided that just wasn't enough.

Each player was also required to give a presentation on how to improve the side ahead of the next Test in Mohali.


It sounds like Arthur wants the players to do his job for him.

Surely it's up to him to provide feedback to the players, or sit down in private and talk about the challenges each man is facing.

Two of the players apparently forgot to do the presentations.

They were probably too busy practising their batting and bowling to bother with such a trivial thing.

No word on why the other two - which included vice captain Shane Watson - didn't give their presentations but perhaps it had something to do with the stupidity of the entire exercise.

Or maybe the players were required to criticise each other's performances during the review and some members of the team didn't feel comfortable doing something that would probably damage the harmony of the team.

After being suspended from the third Test, Watson got on a plane to return home to his heavily pregnant wife, Lee Furlong.

Who can blame him?

First, the controversial rotation system conspires to keep our best team off the park.

Now we are suspending our players for trivial nonsense.

Captain Michael Clarke was quoted as saying: "If you're not going to do everything in your power to help the team, to help yourself have success especially when you are two-nil down in the series then unfortunately there are consequences."

What a load of sanctimonious rubbish.

I would have loved to see them try to rotate former Aussie greats Glenn McGrath or Shane Warne out of the Australian side.

And watching pretty-boy Clarke try to tell former ferocious fast bowler Jeff Thomson he was suspended because he forgot to send an email or present a piece of paper would have been laughable.

This current bunch of Australian players are an outright joke and the only one I have any respect for is Watson, who had the good sense to call time on the ridiculous circus that has become Australian cricket.

England must be watching this and laughing.