CARVE UP: Julian Wilson relaxes at home at Peregian Beach before heading to South Africa for the Corona Open J-Bay  in July.
CARVE UP: Julian Wilson relaxes at home at Peregian Beach before heading to South Africa for the Corona Open J-Bay in July. Tom Threadingham

Swell times for Wilson on world tour

SURFING: With the yellow leader's jersey back in his grasp and still relishing the joys of having a new addition to the family, Sunshine Coast surfer Julian Wilson is in a good place.

But he's remained grounded about his current situation and is intent on making the most of both his time on the world tour and at home.

Wilson is currently lapping up the winter weather at his home in Peregian Beach before he makes the trek to South Africa next week for the Corona Open J-Bay.

Despite enjoying his best season to date, Wilson said his strategy in the surf hadn't changed much from previous years and he wouldn't change things in the coming months as he fights to stay on top.

"I feel like in previous years I've been close. I've had a chance at the title and I've been in the world title race for probably most of the year," he said. "At the end of each year I'm kind of noticing that there's only a few heats that I needed to win in order to get that ultimate goal so I haven't changed too much.

"Obviously some things have changed in my life with the birth of my little girl but what I'm doing competitively isn't drastically different to what I've been doing (in the past) because I know there's something really good that's working there and there's a good formula."

He was optimistic about his chances and was pleased to have the yellow jersey on his back as he began his run to the finish.

"This is usually where my year kind of turns around (for the better) normally so it's great to have some good results already but there's a lot of heats that I still need to make and a lot of points that I need to get to get that ultimate goal at the end," he said.

While his strategy in the surf remained largely unchanged, Wilson admitted his life out of the surf has been completely different.

However, he believed being a father had been a big boost to his confidence and mindset heading into events, even if being away from family on the world tour was tough at times.

"It's probably the saddest I've been on tour I think being away from my family and being away from my new little baby but I'm definitely making the most of that time," he said.

"(But) It's an amazing way to switch off when I'm home (because) I don't even have time to think about where I've been or where I'm going and it's a great way to go about my business for sure.

"You kind of get to slow things down and enjoy that family time and when I go to events I feel pretty motivated to make the most of it."