Take it from me, this is the best gift you can give Dad

THERE are sure to be lots of new socks and jocks distributed tomorrow.

Yes, Father's Day is always an opportune time for dads to stock up on these essential items.

Of course, the gift and/or lack of it is not important.

What will be important to every dad tomorrow is contact of some kind with his children.

What most children don't realise is that their dad spends a fair portion of his day worrying about their health and happiness.

It's just the way dads are.

Children, young and old, should realise that their dad is only as happy as they are.

So it is important for you to contact your dad tomorrow and let him know how much you have appreciated his love and efforts to make your lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

In the fast-paced world in which we all live, it can be easy to overlook a call or visit to your father.

Make the effort to spend time with your dad - even if it's not Father's Day.

This is my first year without my dad and I'm wishing I had spent a lot more time with him.

Make the effort. That's good advice.