Ted the loggerhead turtle.
Ted the loggerhead turtle. Tom Hughes

TALKING TURTLES: "Marine life is suffering"

DIFFERENT aspects of turtle physiology are being shared with the Fraser Coast community at a display on show at the Hervey Bay Library this month.

Put in place by the Lower Mary River Land and Catchment Care Group and Wildlife Queensland Fraser Coast, the exhibit features specimens of loggerhead and green turtle skulls, a green turtle, models of hatchlings and a nest.

There is also comprehensive information on dugongs, whales, dolphins, shorebirds, coral reefs, mangroves and the Great Sandy Marine Park.

WQFC spokeswoman Diane Christensen said the exhibit was created to raise awareness about the increasing and "alarming" carbon footprint.

She said research showed that climate change is increasing sand temperatures, which cause a disproportionate number of female hatchlings to males.    Only one in a thousand hatchlings survive to adulthood.  

"Marine life is suffering including the turtles. The endangered loggerhead and the green turtle are frequently the victims of fishing net and line entanglements, propeller strikes and boat collisions," she said.

"Deaths from rubbish ingestion are common."

The exhibit will be on display until the end of January.