Tash Higham and friend Renee Partridge enjoying some time between the slopes at Thredbo.
Tash Higham and friend Renee Partridge enjoying some time between the slopes at Thredbo. supplied

Tash ready to hit the slopes

THIS Coolangatta woman learned a love of snowboarding at Thredbo in 2009 after she'd graduated high school.

Twenty-one year old Tash Higham will return to the snow fields under Mount Kosciuszko's shadow in about three weeks.

Ms Higham who seems to well and truly have snow in her veins is well aware the snow season began at the weekend.

"It was kind of scary, learning to snowboard," she said.

"I learned from one of my friends but didn't do professional lessons until my second season.

"I'd recommend professional lessons - they're there for a reason and helped me so much."

Snow Australia is this year using the annual falls to promote its new website and encourage all first-timers and their friends to "revisit and remember what we are lucky enough to have in our own backyard".

"And take advantage of what the Australian snowfields have to offer," the organisation's advertising material reads.

"Snowaustralia.com is a complete information hub, showcasing all that is to offer across the nine resorts in both New South Wales and Victoria and giving new holidaymakers easy options for an Australian snow experience.

"They've really done all the hard work for you, sourcing a heap of affordable packages and taking the dreaded hassles of hours of research out of the way.

"All you have to do is choose a location that best suits you."

Ms Higham knows Thredbo is a location she will never tire of and she rode Perisher to the north-east "twice a week last year".

"During my first season I worked as a housekeeper.

"On my second I worked at Thredboland: which was a ski-school for three to six year olds.

"Now I work for an organic skin care company and am saving for Whistler, in Canada, hopefully in December."

She described her first time on a snowboard as "so scary".

"You're face-down on your side and feel like you've no control.

"The first thing you learn is how to stop and, once you do, it's the funnest feeling.

"You're so free and the faster you go the more fun it is."