Mitchell Meehan with Just Poppy's 'The Flood It' burger.
Mitchell Meehan with Just Poppy's 'The Flood It' burger. Inga Williams

The tasty way to reflect on the 2011 floods

A TURKISH roll filled with a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, egg, bacon, avocado, cheese, grilled onion, mushroom and halloumi is quite the mouthful to eat... and to mention in one sentence!

But this gigantic stacker known as 'The Flood It' burger is just one of the 69 options which are on the menu at the small, but hugely popular Riverhills eatery, Just Poppy's.

While some people may think 'The Flood It' burger is named after the 12 ingredients which fill the two pieces of Turkish roll, Just Poppy's worker Mishelle Sickmann said it was in fact named after a natural disaster which hit the area five years ago.

In January 2011, the Brisbane River broke its banks, causing dirty and muddy water to spill throughout many of the south-west suburbs, as well as other parts of Brisbane and Ipswich.

The damage was astronomical, with thousands upon thousands of homes, businesses and more all damaged during the disaster.

But knowing how heavily the 2011 floods impacted residents in the south-west area, the staff at Just Poppy's wanted to remember the floods in their own unique way.

"When the 2011 floods hit, we made the 'The Flood It' burger and it became a permanent item on our menu," Mrs Sickmann said.

"The store was hit pretty badly during the floods, and we couldn't get back in for about eight weeks."

With this week being the fifth anniversary of the floods, Just Poppy's has seen a few customers come in to especially order 'The Flood It' burger, perhaps so they too could mark the occasion with a full belly rather than a few tears.