Emergency services en route
Emergency services en route Alistair Brightman

Taxi and Holden collide in north Rocky crash


- Two vehicle crash about 4pm on the corner of Elphinstone St and Dean St

- Crash involved a maxi taxi and a Holden 4WD

- Four people in the two vehicles

- There were children involved in the crash

- Witnesses say the taxi t-boned the Holden

4.55pm: KONGALL resident Dale Morris was driving along Dean St and the first on the scene to help the taxi driver out of his vehicle.

"We were just coming through the lights, we saw the black car in the middle of the intersection and it just ploughed straight into the side of the black car and started twisting around,” Dale recalled.

"It (the taxi) was totally off the ground. We heard it more, we heard it over the music that was playing. You could hear the thud it was so loud.”

Dale described the taxi driver as being dazed when he arrived at his vehicle.

"I was the one who jumped in to help him out. The car was still running but I jumped in and turned the car off,” he said.

"I was in disbelief, they are all very lucky to not be hurt. The little girl was a bit shaken up but they are all right.

"I haven't seen many accidents on this corner. I've seen ones on High street but nothing here.”

Emergency vehicles were quick to respond to the scene.

4.30pm: WITNESSES at the scene of an accident in Berserker have suggested it may have occurred when a vehicle ran a red light.

The witness, who was driving behind the vehicle, said a taxi "ploughed into” the side of a black Holden at the Elphinstone and Dean Streets intersection.

He said he believed the taxi sped up to go through the red light and struck the front of the four-wheel-drive.

Reports indicate there were four people in the two vehicles, including children, and none were transported to hospital.

The car crash on the corner of Elphinstone and Dean Streets in Berserker,
The car crash on the corner of Elphinstone and Dean Streets in Berserker, Matty Holdsworth

4.16pm: A TAXI and a four-wheel-drive have collided on the corner of Elphinstone and Dean Streets, Berserker.

It is believed the taxi "t-boned” the Holden.

Reports at the scene suggest no one was injured.

4.09pm: REPORTS indicate a maxi-taxi has landed on its side after being involved in a two-vehicle crash in North Rockhampton.

4.05pm: EMERGENCY services are responding to a two vehicle crash where a vehicle is on its roof.

Reports indicate the crash is on the corner of Elphinstone and Dean Streets, Berserker.

Injuries unknown.