Teacher wins case against student who posted lies on Twitter

A TEACHER in country NSW has won a history-making lawsuit against a student who spread lies about her on social media.

Former Orange High School student Andrew Farley has been ordered to pay out a total of $105,000 to music teacher Christine Mickle, who was wrongly accused of stealing his father's job.

The Central Western Daily reported Mr Farley's father had left his teaching job in 2008 for health reasons.

When Ms Mickle filled the position, Mr Farley posted hateful comments on Facebook and Twitter, suggesting the new teacher may have contributed to his father's poor health.

A NSW District Court judge found there was no evidence to substantiate the claims and accepted the posts had the ability to damage the reputation of what appeared to him to be a "very honest woman".

Mr Farley, who is now 20, was ordered to pay $85,000 in compensatory damages and a further $20,000 in aggravated damages.