Teachers battle with stress and anxiety.
Teachers battle with stress and anxiety.

YOUR SAY: Teachers are more stressed and anxious

The study that found that teachers are more stressed and anxious compared to the average Australian is not at all surprising.

Teaching is more than simply a profession, it is a vocation. Teachers are drawn to the job due to a passion for their craft, subject matter and for improving the well-being of their students.

Addressing the strict requirements of the curriculum, together with the responsibilities of the role, and often assuming the parents' mantle to some at-risk students, bears heavily upon many teachers.

This is bound to have adverse affects when teachers are overloaded with student needs, administrative requirements and a cultural change in how society views the profession.

Problems are exacerbated if teachers feel there is a lack of support or understanding.

Most teachers are giving, kind, forgiving and caring, and it is such qualities that make them wonderful educators, however, by always putting others first, they are often doing so to the detriment of themselves. This does not bode well for the longevity (and health) of some of the best educators.

Sadly, there is no quick fix.

There are few other professions, whose input over decades, will have such an impact upon the future.

Whilst most teachers are depressed and anxious to learn of this study, but it's important others appreciate the candour it contains.