Traffic lights at the intersection of Urraween Rd and Maryborough Hervey Bay Rd have been turned on.
Traffic lights at the intersection of Urraween Rd and Maryborough Hervey Bay Rd have been turned on. Alistair Brightman

Ted gets my vote and be mindful at new lights: letters

Ted got my vote

I WILL show my hand, I voted for Ted Sorensen.

Not because of his political affiliation, but because he was the only candidate who bothered to send me the necessary documentation for a postal vote. Not even a letter box drop from any other representative. As a person in a wheelchair this important gesture got my vote.


River Heads

My take on local politics

I AM disgusted to hear that Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders and his family were allegedly threatened during the election campaign, it just shows how low some people can go.

Also, I can't believe a female commented on Facebook and said Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen is only seen at election time. Not true, she must go around with her eyes closed.


Fraser Coast

Please stay alert

THE new traffic lights at the Urraween Rd intersection may have been turned on on Friday in an effort to make the intersection safer.

However some driver's brains haven't been switched on to pay attention especially when making a right hand turn. On Friday, November 24 my wife and I travelled to Maryborough passing through the Urraween intersection when we saw that the lights were working.

At about 2.30/2.40pm returning to Hervey Bay as we approached the Urraween intersection, I reduced speed and saw the lights were green for us to proceed. At this time the intersection was fairly clear of traffic. We were well onto the intersection when another car travelling in the opposite direction suddenly turned right across the bow of our car.

Had I not without hesitation applied the brakes we would have hit this other car square in the middle on its left hand side.

I shudder to think what would have been the consequences for the passenger on the front seat of that car.

I believe that traffic lights do make intersections safer however drivers must still be alert, and take special care when turning right when the individual/separate turn right light is not green giving them right of way.


Fraser Coast