Guide to candidates in the Hervey Bay electorate

Ted Sorensen - LNP

AS HERVEY Bay's State Member for the past six years, I have fought to have better health services, a greater focus on education and an upgrade of our roads.

I am pleased to say since the LNP was returned to government local health spending in Hervey Bay has increased by 5.6% to over $458 million.

We've invested $16 million in a new health centre at the hospital precinct, containing a 16-seat dental clinic and 14 chemotherapy chairs with two isolation chairs (beds), so residents diagnosed with cancer can have their treatment closer to home.

We have a plan to employ 23 more doctors, 79 more nurses and 21 more health practitioners in our local Wide Bay Health region and we are now able to introduce Australia's first ever Wait Time Guarantee which means surgery on time every time.

With the continued growth in the city, a number of our key road intersections have felt the pressure.

$26 million will be spent upgrading the Urraween/Hervey Bay Maryborough Rd, Hervey Bay/Maryborough and Pialba/Burrum Heads Rds and Scrub Hill Rd/Wide Bay Dr/Burrum Heads Rd intersection.

As Hervey Bay grows, we need to keep training for those new positions particularly in the health and education sector.

The next LNP gov-ernment will continue skilling up for quality jobs as it is important that we develop relevant training programs in sustainable sectors.

Our schools, particularly Urangan and Hervey Bay state high schools, have just reopened with new classrooms and a sports stadium at Hervey Bay High at a cost of approximately $21 million.

The job is not done, but together we will get there if we stay on track and that is why I ask the people of Hervey Bay to re-elect me as their state member on Saturday.

Tony Gubbins - ALP

DURING my life I have lived in many beautiful places in Australia, but I decided several years ago that the city in which I really wanted to invest and settle is Hervey Bay.

The pristine environment of Fraser Island, the history of Eliza Fraser, the clear rich waters of the Sandy Strait all have an allure that is difficult to resist.

The extensive range of recreational pursuits was another reason for settling here where those pursuits are tailored to the wide and diverse range of the population demographics.

The only disappointing aspect of living here is the lack of political representation.

I am used to seeing the state MP involved in the community, rolling up their sleeves and working with the constituents.

Alas, I found it not to be so in Hervey Bay.

After 30 years of Labor Party service, I was given the opportunity to become the endorsed candidate, an opportunity I grabbed with both hands.

This electorate needs a visible member in parliament.

It needs someone who will stand up for you and keep you informed of parliamentary proceedings and what the member is doing on your behalf.

We need a vocal member, one who will articulate your needs and wants in the forum of parliament, one who will regularly meet with you and discuss your needs.

I pledge to be that member.

My background is in education and welfare counselling.

I am a listener and a doer.

I will take your concerns and interests to the appropriate authorities, both within and outside parliament.

I fully support local businesses and local workers.

I am passionate about youth, education and health care.

I am passionate about the lifestyle of Hervey Bay.

That is why I chose to live here.

That is why I want to represent you.

Axel Beard - Family First

MY NAME is Axel Beard, and I am the Family First candidate for Hervey Bay.

The Bay is a beautiful and unique part of Queensland, and it deserves a candidate that will stand up for our unique interests.

A vote for either of the big parties is a vote that guarantees that decision-making stays in Brisbane.

Hervey Bay needs a candidate who will make decisions in its best interests, not the best interests of the big boys' party-room.

Hervey Bay has some difficult challenges ahead of it. Youth unemployment, high across the Wide Bay region, is over 16%.

Bringing that down and creating long-term employment opportunities in our region will be one of my top priorities.

Pivotal to this will be the injection of targeted government money, as well as reducing the payroll tax for 18-24-year-olds.

This proposed tax reduction would incentivise youth employment by encouraging businesses to take a chance on a young person.

The other major challenge facing Hervey Bay is our health. Obesity and chronic health conditions are all too common in our town. In order to ensure our long-term health, there must be sufficient nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and support staff.

Health is a lifelong journey and our children need to be encouraged to live healthy, active lives.

This is done through having accessible, well-maintained sporting clubs and facilities, as well as health programs for schools.

I am young and enthusiastic, and I can promise to listen and respond to the needs of our Hervey Bay community. A vote for me will ensure that Hervey Bay has a member committed to the region, not to the party line.

Lynette Pearsall - Palmer United Party

MOVING around the electorate the feeling is strong for retention of our assets.

Nor are voters differentiating on leasing of assets.

They do not want foreign ownership of our hospitals, ports, schools and power companies that have been built by generations and say that government does not have the right to sell them.

As a party we strongly believe in retaining state-owned assets for all Queenslanders.

That is the reason I decided to be a candidate ... to stand up for the future of my children and grandchildren.

Secondly here in Hervey Bay most of the calls are from people disgruntled with health care and health facilities.

The elderly don't want to travel to Nambour or to Brisbane for treatment; a lot of it for minor technical issues.

We need our administration staff reinstated.

We need more doctors and nurses.

We need our nutritionists to be reinstated.

We need our public hospital to have a more efficient IT system to take the administration duties from doctors and nurses and let them do what they are employed to do ... to consult and to treat and administer patient care more effectively.

Our children are our best resource and deserve the best education and job opportunities.

Through PUP senators we will push for the reintroduction of zonal taxation system to attract professionals and new businesses to regional Queensland.

Lastly we will push for the re-establishment of the Upper House in Queensland so we can ensure checks and balances are in place for all legislation. 

Kristen Lyons - The Greens

AS A teacher in international development, I have seen first hand the life chances for those who don't get a fair go - life below the poverty line, with poor access to safe food, a clean environment, education and health services.

In a country like Australia everyone should have a fair go, yet some still slip through the cracks.

The Queensland Greens are committed to a fair society, a healthy econ-omy and a clean environment.

I am proud to run as the Greens candidate, giving you the opportunity to vote one for economic, social and environmental justice.

The whittling away of funds for health services has profoundly impacted Queenslanders' quality of life.

The Greens stand for equality in access to health services, especially for regional Queenslanders.

The Greens will also continue to promote and support a minister for seniors to ensure health service delivery matches the needs of Queensland seniors, and that all services are improved to meet the needs of our aging population.

As Queenslanders living near the coast, you will be aware of the import-ance of protecting waterways.

Hervey Bay is iconic, with whale-watching generating a high value tourism industry.

The Greens are committed to policies that protect the environment, the tourism industry and the quality of life for local communities.

The Greens are the only party strongly committed to protecting the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef.

The reef is the lifeblood of Queensland's tourism industry, and yet this is under threat from expansion of the coal industry.

The Sunshine State has also fallen behind other parts of the world where the renewable energy industry is delivering economic returns, creating new jobs, and cleaning up the environment.

The Greens' energy policy will ensure Queensland catches up, creating a sustainable energy future for the state.

Jannean Dean - Independent

I AM discontented by the grubby politics we have been subjected to for some time now.

It's time for respect and common sense to be the key in our political arena.

Successful outcomes, instead of wasting time, finger-pointing and playing the blame game are surely what we should strive for.

Focus on integrity and being a true representative for the people of Hervey Bay; starting conversations, finding solutions and delivering practical and successful outcomes are my objectives.

I view challenges as opportunities to show my 'can do, never say die' attitude through determination, commitment and a tireless work ethic.

The injustices to our communities in our magnificent state of Queensland have been an absolute disgrace.

This is not about me. It is about everyone in my electorate and having their voices heard. Power back to the people!

Hervey Bay is my home and has provided an outstanding environment to have raised my son David.

Let's face it our part of the world is simply unique.

The dynamics of our city have changed here and I have serious concerns for the numerous issues that are impacting our community.

We need leadership and that is what I am determined to give.

If you want to be represented by someone who is serving the interests of the lobbyists in Brisbane and Sydney, then keep voting LNP and Labor.

If you're sick of them and you want a candidate who will actually represent the local people of Hervey Bay and stand up for what is best for our community, then vote for me on January 31.

Voting for the major parties is rewarding them for a job poorly done. Our community deserves better.

Allow me to show you what an independent can do.

My promise to the people of Hervey Bay is that I will be accessible at all times to deal with your needs and concerns.