Teebar Clean Energy one of three solar farms for region

THE effect of ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie on the Teebar Solar Farm brought a smile to Greg McGarvie's face.

The Teebar Clean Energy Director said the wild weather, which brought flooding rain and high winds to parts of the Fraser Coast last week, has been a good opportunity for the group to truly assess how the site would stand up to potential environmental damage.

The impact was minimal.

"We were high and dry," he said of the site.

"It was a bit boggy at the bottom end of the property but there's nothing that will affect the generator in future."

Teebar Solar Farm will be a 52.8 megawatt facility which boasts 212,00 panels - enough to power 15,00 homes.

The $216 million project created more than 120 jobs.

The only issue that currently stands in the project's way is significant erosion in some parts of the site, but Mr McGarvie said the site would be rehabilitated.

"It's the biggest project in the region, and we're proud that we're able to bring it to the Fraser Coast with no government funding involved," Mr McGarvie said.

The project is due for completion in March, 2018.

It is one of three major solar farms planned for the area, with ESCO Pacific's 125MW facility at Susan River and EcoEnergy World's 140MW facility at North Aramara both well in the pipeline.

Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft has previously told the Chronicle the three facilities would make the region Queensland's solar capital.