Teen banned from club after punching man in face

A TOOWOOMBA magistrate has dished up a hefty fine and a stern warning after a man pleaded guilty to striking a nightclub reveller in the face.

Steven Geoffrey Bartman, 19, pleaded guilty to two public nuisance charges after striking a man in the face at Agenda nightclub in the early hours of April 24.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Al Windsor said Bartman and another man had been arguing inside the club before the victim pushed Bartman.

Bartman then punched the other man in the face before security removed the pair from the club.

He said the "venom had been taken out" of the incident by the time the pair was located on the footpath.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service solicitor Allison Glanville said it was not an alcohol-fuelled incident and the two men, who knew each other, had some "bad blood" between them.

Bartman had been banned from the club since the incident and had been completing some anger management courses in Toowoomba.

Magistrate Damian Carroll reminded Bartman of the deadly consequences one punch could have before fining him $1600 and ordering he complete 80 hours of community service.

"You would've seen what happened in Brisbane," Mr Carroll said, referring to the alleged one-punch death of Mark McGrice on Tuesday.

Bartman is banned from Agenda until January 2017.