A mother was stomped by her son after asking him to clean up.
A mother was stomped by her son after asking him to clean up. Pexels

Teen stomps on mum for asking him to clean up

A SIMPLE request to clean up turned violent when a 19-year-old flipped his mother over his head onto the ground before repeatedly stomping on her.

The now-20-year-old who can't be named to protect his mother's identity today pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to two counts of choking and one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

His wife and mother of his child was in court to support him.

The court heard the man and his mother got into an argument in February last year after she asked him to clean up while they were living together.

As he started packing to leave, he pulled an internet modem from the wall and his mother jumped on his back in an attempt to stop him from taking it.

He grabbed her arm and flipped her over the top of him, causing her to hit her head.

The man then stood over her and squeezed her throat before punching her twice to the head and stomping on her abdomen, chest, groin and legs.

He choked her again until the point she lost control of her bladder and thought she was going to pass out.

Police found him soon after and he was remanded in custody until being released on bail in October.

His mother suffered bleeding from her head, bruising to her rib and thighs and tenderness to her neck.

The man's defence barrister said her client had a "difficult upbringing" and had been subjected to violence as a child.

His parents had "anti-social and criminal tendencies" and he didn't want to live with his mother but had nowhere else to go, the court heard.

Judge Gary Long noted character references given to court said the man's behaviour was "somewhat uncharacteristic".

Judge Long sentenced the man to a total of 18 months' imprisonment, suspended after 254 days which he had already served.

A protection order remains in place until 2023.