The agreement between Rubicor and Telstra has come to an end
The agreement between Rubicor and Telstra has come to an end William West

Telstra ends contract with Rubicor after superannuation woes

TELSTRA has severed its contract with labour-hire company Rubicor, leaving the super payments of about 60 employees at a Maryborough call centre uncertain.

It comes weeks after the Chronicle revealed Rubicor staff employed at the Telstra site had not been paid their superannuation entitlements.

Telstra sought a written undertaking from Rubicor that all unpaid superannuation would be paid by the end of last week.

But a Telstra spokesman told the Chronicle yesterday the request "was not met" and the agreement was terminated as a result.

This is despite a Rubicor spokesman claiming the Maryborough site employees' superannuation contributions were paid on March 1.

"We're currently working through a transition plan with Rubicor and their employees," the Telstra spokesman said.

"We remain hopeful that Rubicor will honour the remaining unpaid superannuation payments."

A Rubicor Workforce spokesman said "following Telstra Corporation Ltd's review of current suppliers, effective Saturday April 27 Rubicor Workforce will no longer be a supplier of casual staff to Telstra."

The Chronicle understands staff employed through Rubicor at the Telstra centre will be given the opportunity to move to the new provider, being sought by Telstra.

Another contract is expected to be offered to the staff.

The sudden announcement coincides with a report finding thousands of Wide Bay workers are missing out on about $2000 in superannuation entitlements every year.

Industry Super Australia's analysis of the latest tax office regional employment revealed 65,830 workers in the Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast regions (about 33.3 per cent of workers) were underpaid superannuation by an average of $1845 in 2015-16.

Collectively, the workers were underpaid more than $121million in super.