Termites are on the rampage in Bundaberg.
Termites are on the rampage in Bundaberg.

Termites put the bite on in Bundy

THE region's recent stint of wild weather has Bundaberg's pest controllers run off their with creepy crawlies out in force after the rain and flooding.

Direct Pest Control owner Barney Turner said ants, termites and cockroaches were the biggest pest problems in the area.

"The cockies are really bad anywhere near drains at the moment," Mr Turner said.

"We've got a lot of people discovering termites when they're doing work on houses that were in the floods as well."

One of the most noticeable pests appearing after the floods are ants.

"The ants are everywhere," Mr Turner said.

"They're really bad at the moment."

The pest controller said the black ants went on the march searching for high ground in rainy weather.

And they're not the only critters who can predict bad weather.

"One man was telling me about a rat at his place that moved its nest a metre higher before the 2010 flood and then it moved it up another metre before this one and another metre since then," he said.

"The wet and humid weather tells the termites when to move and it's because of the weather we've had that they're starting to increase their movements."

Mr Turner said this could be problematic for some people with the constant wet weather eroding current protection.

"If you've got that volume of water going under concrete edges and dripping down then obviously it (the pest protection) wears down," he said.

Pest control company Rentokil has reported an 8.7% increase in termite infestations in Brisbane since the same time last year and say that figure is expected to rise with the wet and warm summer offering perfect conditions for termites.

"The continuing heat and rain will further accelerate the rate at which termites develop their nests and this could have a devastating effect on homes that have not been properly protected," company spokesman Simon Lean said. "The flood has made an existing problem even worse so homeowners really need to take action."