Is a cuppa worth $7? It is if you're up as early as I am.
Is a cuppa worth $7? It is if you're up as early as I am.

Udderly ridiculous or fair price for a cuppa?

IS $7 too much to fork out for a takeaway coffee?

It is according to outraged Charles Darwin University student Ryan Lucas.

Last week, coffee lover Ryan was slugged an extra 50c for cow's milk when he ordered his brew from Kings Wholefood Artisan, a product until recently he thought was a standard ingredient in a cappuccino.

"When I asked why on earth I would be slugged extra for cow's milk, I was told that this particular cafe only used some form of bio-organic milk that is milked from cow's made of gold, and that apparently that justified the price hike," Ryan raged.

"I also asked why it wasn't clear to the customer that they would be charged extra, at which time I was pointed to a small sign - concealed on the opposite side of the wall out of the customers' view - that apparently provided this information.

"Bloody disgraceful behaviour."

Ryan said he'd never been charged $7 for his beverage of choice (a large cappuccino with an extra shot) until the incident last week.

Nurse Hayley Black, of Stuart Park, agreed $7 was a bit pricey for a cup of coffee, but said if she was desperate for a caffeine fix, she'd cough that up.

"I've never been charged for cow's milk before," she said.

"I wouldn't normally spend more than $5 on a coffee." But she said good quality milk is worth paying a little extra for.

Stuart Park resident Hayley Black. Picture: Keri Megelus
Stuart Park resident Hayley Black. Picture: Keri Megelus

In a short statement, a representative from Kings Wholefood Artisan said it charged 50c for cows' milk because the cafe used biodynamic cows' milk.

"The only place we can currently source this is the supermarket," she said.

"It is a convenience we offer and it also costs more than double standard cows' milk.

"We are a vegan cafe so it is offered as an additional service to those who are not quite ready to move from cows' milk to a plant-based alternative."

She said the store aimed to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce cruelty to animals.