TERRY George has seen some interesting things in his time as the owner of the Tender Center.

Unusual antiques, collectible rarities and practical home and garden items have all been bought and sold at the McDougall St centre.

But one item that sold on the weekend is at the top of his most "interesting" list.

Mr George received a used mortuary fridge, and most surprisingly, he sold it too.

"The fellow who owned it thought it would be a great gimmick to serve his mates beer and steaks out of it," Mr George said.

"Trouble was no-one would eat the steak or drink the beer that came out of it.

"So he decided it had to go."

A farmer apparently snapped up the fridge for the bargain price of $161.

"He will put his (slaughtered) lambs and other animals in it," Mr George said.

"It's great for what he wants it for."

It was Mr George's first mortuary fridge commission.

"And I wouldn't mind if I don't see another one," he joked.

Terry George owner of the Tender Center with a mortuary fridge taht sold recently . Photo Nev Madsen / The Chronicle
Terry George with a mortuary fridge he sold to a farmer. Nev Madsen