A repeat drug offender has thanked a court for jailing him.
A repeat drug offender has thanked a court for jailing him. Neal Patel

'Thanks for sending me to jail, Your Honour'

A REPEAT drug offender has thanked a Toowoomba court for putting him behind bars.

Anthony James Allen Blanck had been found with less than 1g of methylamphetamine (ice) when stopped by a police patrol on Holberton St in the early hours of January 26, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

Ordinarily, such a small amount of drug wouldn't put an offender in custody but at the time the 20-year-old was subject to a parole order as well as to a suspended jail term for previous offending.

He had spent a month in custody before appearing in court by prison video link to plead guilty to possessing a dangerous drug as well as digital scales for weighing it.

His solicitor John Davis told the court his client, through him, wanted to thank the court for putting him in jail as it had given him time to get off drugs and back on his medication.

His client was medicated for depression and anxiety but at the time of his arrest he had been off his medication and on drugs, Mr Davis said.

Blanck had been doing Bible studies while in custody and intended going into drug rehabilitation upon his release and then looking for work, he said.

Magistrate Graham Lee noted Blanck was subject to eight months' jail on his parole and to a six-month wholly suspended jail term.

Mr Lee activated the suspended six months in full and sentenced Blanck to a further three months but ordered he be eligible to apply for release on parole as of April 17.