SNAKE CATCHER: We're finding a lot in people's homes

SNAKES have been finding shelter in homes during the wet weather, with the latest call to a report of a snake curled up in a lounge room.

Fraser Coast snake catcher Roy McGrath said he has been called to at least six incidents where snakes, mainly red-bellied blacks, were found in homes looking for shelter during the big wet over the past couple of weeks.

He has received calls from Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Booral, Torbanlea, Howard and on Sunday night Mr McGrath said he got a call to a home in Dundowran after an elderly woman discovered a keelback snake curled up in her living room.

"She noticed it about five minutes before she called us," Mr McGrath said.

"Snakes have been looking for shelter during the wet weather," he said.


While a keelback looks similar to an eastern brown, the only venom the snake releases is an odour which smells a bit like human flatulent.


Mr McGrath stressed that snakes would find their way into homes through the smallest of gaps or under roller-doors.

With the weather stating to cool down on the Fraser Coast, Mr McGrath said snakes wouldn't be as prevalent close to homes but instead would find a home under rubbish in the yard.

"Leave them alone and they'll leave you alone if you keep your place tidy," Mr McGrath said.

He said it was important residents kept their yards free from rats and mice to avoid snakes close to the home.

Snakes are expected to still make an appearance during the hottest part of the day.

"Snakes need heat to digest their food we can expect not as many snakes out and about but they will still be there during the heat," he said.