Leilani Waters peels off her car registration sticker, which from today is no longer required.
Leilani Waters peels off her car registration sticker, which from today is no longer required. Iain Curry

Pesky rego stickers are a thing of the past from today

THE annual chore of peeling, picking and scraping registration stickers from windscreens is a thing of the past.

From today, registration labels will not be required on most vehicles in Queensland.

The Newman Government is tearing up more than 80 years of tradition by no longer requiring drivers to apply a new sticker to their windscreen every 12 months.

This brings Queensland into line with most other Australian states, which have already made the change.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the new system would save the government $3.5 million a year in printing and postage costs.

From today, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will no longer issue stickers when registration is paid on cars, motorcycles, light trailers, light caravans, light buses, motorised wheelchairs and light commercial vehicles.

Motorists can rip the labels off from today if they wish, but are not required to do so.

Advances in technology mean police and transport authorities can readily use number plate recognition to detect unregistered vehicles rather than having to identify the correct colour sticker on a vehicle's front windscreen.

Nambour Road Policing Unit acting officer-in-charge Dave Nelson said new technology fed through iPads allowed all officers to check registration details without even leaving their car.

"We also have automatic number plate recognition software attached to some vehicles which allows us to check all the information," Senior Sergeant Nelson said.

Police have urged everyone to double check their registration status and ensure the Department of Transport has the correct address attached to the vehicle.

"What we are concerned about is people who once relied on looking at their sticker to check when a vehicle should be registered," Snr Sgt Nelson said.

"People change their licence address but they forget it can be an offence if a car is not registered to its garaged address."

Heavy vehicles and recreational boats will still need to display registration labels.

Stick it

  • Rub the sticker with a wad of cottonwool soaked in nail polish remover or eucalyptus oil. The sticker will dissolve, then clean the glass with methylated spirits
  • Wet a piece of cling wrap, paper towel or newspaper with warm water and place over sticker. Leave for 10 minutes and wipe
  • Use hair dryer to remove sticker in one piece and remove excess with glass cleaner
  • Use water-dispersant spray on a rag or paper towel to dissolve glue