THE BEAT: Worst spots for crime on the Fraser Coast


Castles Rd, break and enter

Between 5.30pm on February 3 and 7.30am on February 4, unknown offenders gained entry to the club house through prying open a main door. They stole alcohol and cash.


Beach Rd, break and enter

Between 6pm on February 2 and 7am on February 5 offenders entered a yard and gained entry to a storage container on site. Once stole mowing and yard equipment from the container.

Old Maryborough Rd, break and enter

Between midnight and 10.40am on February 8, offenders gained entry to a shed and an office area. They rummaged through that office area. It is unknown if anything was stolen.


Tooley and Albert Sts, break and enter

Between February 4 and February 5 offenders gained entry to multiple buildings on the sporting grounds. They rummaged through cupboards and draw in one of the buildings. It is unknown if any property was stolen.

Kent St, break and enter

Between 2am on February 5 and 4am on February 6 offenders smashed windows on a vacant business and entered inside.

Airport Drive, break and enter into vehicles

Between 9am on February 5 and 9am on February 6 offenders entered the compound of the vehicle holding yard and broke into a number of vehicles which were secured at the time.

Mungar Rd Pioneers Rest, stealing

Between midnight and 12.15am on February 5 offenders attended the workshop of the premises and stole tools from the workshop area.

Cheapside St, break and enter

Between 4pm and 4.10pm on February 2 offenders gained entry into a dwelling through an unlocked front door. The offenders then searched through the dwelling. It is unknown if any property was stolen.

Alice St, break and enter

At about 11.26pm on February 2 offenders smashed a shopping centre door to gain entry. Once inside the offenders have then smashed and damaged another door to gain entry to the bottle shop. The offenders then stole a quantity of alcohol.

Kent St, break and enter

At about 6.12pm on February 2 unknown persons gained entry to a garage on the dwelling, once inside the offenders were then disturbed and left via the same entry point towards the highway.

Pacific Haven

Pacific Haven Dr, break and enter

Between 1pm on February 2 and 10.55am on February 5 unknown offenders have attended the external back shed and damaged the garage roller door by unknown means. They stole a large amount of power tools and equipment from inside, clearing out the entire shed.


Kingfisher Pde, wilful damage

Between 9pm on February 2 and 5.08pm on February 3 unknown offenders have jumped on the roof of the locked vehicle which was parked out the front of the dwelling, causing damage to the roof.


Gilston Rd, wilful damage

Between 12pm on February 4 and 6.45am on February unknown offenders have located the 5.5 tonne Kobelco excavator bearing QLD registration numbers 51319C and the 21 tonne Hyundai Excavator bearing Qld registration 33287C that was parked locked and secured on the block of land. Unknown offender/s have used an unknown implement to smash windows on both excavators.


Barilba St, break and enter

Between 1.30pm on February 1 and 4pm on February 2 unknown offenders have gained entry to the dwelling possibly through a rear unlocked door and have once inside stolen a quantity of cash and jewellery, leaving through the same entry point.

Totness St, break and enter

Between 12pm and 7.40pm on February 2 offenders gained entry to the unit and stole jewellery.

Torquay Rd, theft

Between February 1 and 3pm on February 2 unknown persons attended the rear of the yard of the dwelling and have cut a chain and stolen a Moped Piaggo Zip 50 with registration plates attached of 579NU but these are not currently registered.


Spring Way, stealing

Between 5pm on February 7 and 11.30am on February 9 offenders attended the dwelling, shut off the power and stole a hot water system.