Adam Topaloglu landed in court after selling ecstasy.
Adam Topaloglu landed in court after selling ecstasy. Facebook

The deals that undid seven years of hard work

HE ROSE from kitchen hand to managing multiple businesses.

But the gains made from years of hard work unravelled when Adam Topaloglu was caught selling ecstasy.

The Sunshine Coast man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to 27 charges, including drug trafficking and supply.

Topaloglu, 33, was an unsophisticated street-level trafficker who used texts and "generic drug code", a prosecutor told Brisbane Supreme Court.

His drug business turned over about $4600 but it was not known how much of that was profit.

The prosecutor said Topaloglu also "acted as a conduit" to source MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy.

Defence counsel John Jacob said the Sunshine Beach State High graduate worked two jobs - one in the day, one at night - after finishing school.

Mr Jacob said that in seven years, Topaloglu worked his way up from kitchen hand to managing multiple premises.

He lived for a while in Turkey, where he had family, then returned to Australia.

Mr Jacob said Topaloglu became stressed at work and developed a benzodiazepine dependency.

He also used ecstasy recreationally but then started selling drugs.

Mr Jacob said Topaloglu had not committed any offences since March 2017.

"He accepts responsibility for his actions," Mr Jacob said.

"His behaviour is out of character. In his professional life he has dedicated [himself] to helping other people".

Justice David Boddice said MDMA was "easily secreted into the nightclub scene".

"The evidence of rehabilitation is not overly great in your favour," Justice Boddice added.

But the judge gave Topaloglu credit for his guilty pleas and for 20 months of good behaviour since his arrest.

Justice Boddice said multiple referees described Topaloglu as a diligent man.

Topaloglu was jailed for four years but the sentence will be suspended after he serves 10 months.

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